The Costa Rica Writer in Guatemala

By Posted in - News on January 29th, 2014 0 Comments A woman selling loom-woven scarves and other goods near the arch. Antigua, Guatemala.

Last week I felt a little out of place on a photo shoot in Antigua, Guatemala – being the Costa Rica Writer, and all. The shoot was for College of Charleston’s alumni magazine – which just so happens to be where I went to school.

Sunset glow reflecting off a public clothes-washing area in Antigua, Guatemala

We took photos of an amazing artist, biologist and teacher specializing in watercolor paintings – mostly of birds in their natural habitat. His name is Dan Davis, and you can check out some of his work at his website here. Talk about talent. I didn’t even know you could paint that realistically in watercolors. (Or acuarelas, as they’re called in Spanish.)

Dan doing a great job of pretending to paint for the camera

Sean taking pictures of some church ruins in Antigua.

Here is a shot of Costa Rica photographer Sean Davis taking photos of some church ruins. It looks like a huge boulder is about to crush his head!

Woman carrying beautiful flowers through the city by balancing them on her head. Antigua, Guatemala

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