In Which The Author Learns to Make Cheese for Her DIY Column

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I learned how to make cheese in Costa Rica for my DIY column! Rancho Avellanas (where I took the photo of all those adorable goats on the slideshow at the top of my webpage, just after the monkeys*) supplied me with all the necessary farm-fresh ingredients. Ricotta was my favorite, but the mascarpone was to DIE for. Seriously, I almost died. I can’t wait to get some rennet and try to figure out how to make mozzarella (that seemed a bit too complicated for a very basic DIY column, and I didn’t know how difficult rennet would be to acquire in Costa Rica – the land where you can’t even find cheesecloth).

Here are some photos of strawberries with mascarpone. Y UMMY!!

Tico times article on DIY cheese


And another:

WRiting about DIY projects in Costa Rica

*The placing may change as this site gets older. I’m sure I’ll want to rotate these photos out. Just in case, I’m putting the photo here again so you can see it :)

the Costa Rica writer photographs goats at the ranch

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